Course Syllabus

180° Excavator <12 Tonne


Novice :  5 days

Experienced : 3 days

Refresher  : 1 day

Ratio:      3 Candidates   :           1 Instructor      :           1 Excavator

1. AIM

To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate a 180° excavator.


The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following:

2.1  Responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and PUWER  (1998), LOLER (1998) and (HSG 136) Workplace Transport Safety.

2.2 Manufacturers handbook

2.3 Pre-use checks

2.4 Factors affecting stability

2.5 Motive controls

2.6 Hydraulic controls

2.7 Manoeuvring in open and confined areas

2.8 Changing attachments

2.9 Transportation


On completion of training candidates will have a theoretical understanding of the following:

3.1 Responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)and PUWER (1998), LOLER (1998) and (HSG 136) Workplace Transport Safety.

3.2 Manufacturers instructions

3.3  Pre-use checks

3.4  Factors affecting stability

3.5  Configure the excavator for site travel

3.6  Travel the excavator over various terrain

3.7  Manoeuvre excavator in open and confined areas

3.8  Set equipment to excavate

3.9  Excavate below ground in different ground types

3.10 Place spoil of various sizes

3.11 Grade spread and level different types of terrain

3.12 Attach and remove attachments (including use of quick-hitch where applicable)

3.13 Safe parking, re-fuelling and post-stop checks

3.14 Explain transportation procedures     


On completion of training the candidate will be able to:

4.1  Drive the excavator safely and efficiently

4.2 Excavate below ground differing ground types

4.3 Carry out pre-use checks to ensure the equipment is in a safe condition

4.4 Grade spread and level in different types of terrain

4.5 Remove and attach attachments

4.6 Correctly park, shut-down and secure the excavator

4.7 Carry out post-stop inspection

4.8 Safe extraction from soft ground

4.9 Transportation procedures