Course Syllabus

Loading and Lashing of Loads


Novice Operator                –        2 Days

Experienced Operator     –         1 Day

Refresh & Test                  –         1 Day

Ratio:                      3 Candidates           :         1 Instructor   :         1 Machine

1. Aim

 To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely load and lash vehicles.


To ensure trainee operator’s meet the required safe standards of operation laid down by ITSSAR, thus ensuring their own safety and the safety of others who may be involved with loading and lashing operations.

2. Elements

 The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following:

2.1      Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98 & LOLER 98 and relevant parts of The Road Traffic Act.

2.2      Operators safety code of practice.

2.3.     Pre-Use checks on equipment and defect reporting.

2.4      The need for Personal Protective Equipment.

2.5      Safe positioning skills.

2.6      Factors affecting stability and instability of loads.

2.7      Lorry loading and unloading.

2.8      Lashing down principles and procedures.

3. Knowledge 

On completion of training, candidates will have a theoretical understanding of the  following:

3.1     Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98, LOLER 98, & The Road Traffic Act.

3.2      Operator’s safety code of practice.

3.3      Pre-use checks on lashing equipment.

3.4      Factors affecting stability and instability of loads.

3.5      Lorry loading and unloading.

3.6      Personal protective equipment.

3.7      Lashing down procedures and principles.

4. Skills

On completion of training the candidate will be able to:

4.1      Load and unload the vehicle safely and efficiently.

4.2      Carry out pre-use checks to ensure the equipment is in a safe condition.

4.3      Follow a recognised regime for defect reporting.

4.4      Carry out correct maintenance and storage procedures.

4.5      Secure the vehicle by lashing down the load securely and correctly.

Note: Practical training is determined wholly by the type of lashing down operations involved

e.g.     :         Roping & Sheeting

Curtain Sider

Plant Transportation