Vehicle Mounted Platforms

Course Syllabus

Ratio:              1 Machine       :           4 Trainees       :           1 Instructor

Duration:         1 Day

1. Aim

To train experienced operators in the safe handling of the machine.

2. Elements

Operators will receive training on the following elements:

2.1       Their responsibility under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974

2.2       Safety rules and regulations

2.3       Safe use of harness

2.4       Pre-shift checks

2.5       Basic training

2.6       Theoretical tests

3.  Knowledge

On completion of training, operators will have an understanding of:

3.1       Their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act

3.2       Safety rules and regulations

3.3       The importance of pre-shift checks.

4. Skills

On completion of training, operators will be able to carry out the following to the required standard.

4.1       Pre-shift checks

4.2       Correct use of harness

4.3       Start & stop the power unit

4.4       Travel forwards and in reverse using all gear radios and all ranges where applicable.

4.5       Operate all controls safely and sympathetically.

4.6       Prepare / set up the machine to carry out normal work

4.7       Carry out normal work tasks safely and efficiently.