Course Syllabus

Duration:        2 or 3 Novice Operators                                 – 2 days

1 Novice Operator                                          – 1 day

Experienced / Refresher Operator                 – 1 day

Definition:      Experienced = Operators with approx 6 months experience but no certificate

Ratio:             3 Operators:              1 Instructor    :           1 Machine

1. Aim

To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge required to safely operate a gully emptier and jetting unit.

2. Elements

The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction  operating a gully emptier and jetting unit covering the following:

2.1 Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) and PUWER.

2.2 Safe operator practices

2.3 Daily/Weekly maintenance requirements

2.4 Identification of components and pre-shift checks

2.5 Start up procedures

2.6 Factors affecting stability

2.7 Motive and hydraulic controls

2.8 Manoeuvring

2.9 Parking and post-stop checks

3. Knowledge

On successful completion of gully emptier and jetting unit training, candidates will have an understanding of the following:

3.1 The need to train and statutory requirements

3.2 Understanding machine stability and limitations

3.3 Causes of accidents: risk associated with mobile plant

3.4 Safe operator practices

3.5 Pre-shift checks: start up procedures and safety checks

3.6 Daily and weekly maintenance requirements

3.7 Safe parking, re-fueling and post-stop checks

4. Skill

On successful completion of gully emptier and jetting unit training, candidates will have demonstrated to a basic operational standard of all the following:

4.1 Pre-shift safety checks and start-up procedures

4.2 The ability to manoeuvre and operate the vehicle correctly within the manufacture’s recommendations and to operator’s safety code

4.3 Correctly park, shut down and secure the vehicle

4.4 Carry out post-stop inspection