Very Narrow Aisle Stacking Truck – Operator Up/Operator Down

Course SyllabusImage result for pictures of a very narrow aisle truck

Ratio: 1 Machine: 3 Trainees: 1 Instructor


Refresher Course – 1 day

3 Experienced Operators – 3 days

2 Experienced Operators – 2 days

3 Novice Operators – 5 days

2 Novice Operators – 4 days

1 Novice Operator – 3 days

Definition: Experienced = Operators with approx 6 months experience but no certificate

1. AIM

To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate a Very Narrow Aisle Operator Up/ Down truck.


The course will comprise theoretical and practical instruction on a Very Narrow Aisle Truck covering the following:

2.1 Responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98 & LOLER 98

2.2 Operators Safety Code

2.3 Battery maintenance and charging procedures

2.4 Pre-use checks

2.5 Factors affecting stability

2.6 Motive controls

2.7 Hydraulic controls

2.8 Manoeuvring in open and confined areas including entry & aisle safety procedures

2.9 Stacking at different levels

2.10 Destacking with laden and unladen pallets


On completion of training candidates will have theoretical understanding on a Very Narrow Aisle Truck on the following:

3.1 Responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98 & LOLER 98

3.2 Operators safety code

3.3 Battery charging and maintenance

3.4 Pre-use checks

3.5 Factors affecting stability

3.6 Stacking and destacking in open areas and the confines of a very narrow aisle

3.7 The knowledge of abseil / evacuation requirements (if Operator Up Truck).


On completion of training on the Very Narrow Aisle Truck the candidate will be able to :

4.1 Drive and operate the lift truck safely and efficiently

4.2 Stack and destack at various levels in a safe and competent manner

4.3 Carry out pre-shift checks to ensure the equipment is in a safe condition

4.4 Carry out battery charging and maintenance procedures.