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Pivot Steer Lift Trucks

Duration :

Novice operator – 5 days [no practical experience or theoretical knowledge]

Experienced operator – 3 days [ with practical operating experience but little or no theoretical knowledge]

Conversion – 2 days [operator certified on counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks or similar]

Ratio  : 1 Lift Truck: 3 Students : 1 Instructor


To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate a pivot steer lift truck. Candidates must meet the minimum standard of sections (2-4 below)  in order to become a qualified operator


The course will comprise theoretical and practical instruction on a Pivot Steer Lift Truck covering the following:-

2.1 Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974

2.2 Operators safety code

2.3 Battery maintenance and charging procedures

2.4 Pre shift checks

2.5 Factors affecting stability

2.6 Motive controls

2.7 Hydraulic controls

2.8 Manoeuvring in open and confined areas

2.9 Stacking at different levels

2.10      Destacking with laden and unladen pallets

2.11      Lorry loading and unloading


On completion of training students will have a theoretical  understanding on a Pivot Steer Lift Truck of the following:-

3.1 Responsibilities

3.2 Operator’s safety code

3.3 Battery maintenance and charging procedures

3.4 Pre-shift checks

3.5 Factors affecting stability

3.6 Stacking and destacking in open and confined areas

3.7 Lorry loading and unloading

3.8      ACoP, LOLER and PUWER requirements


On completion of training on a Pivot Steer Lift Truck the student will be able to :-

4.1 Drive and operate the lift truck safely and efficiently

4.2 Stack and destack at various levels in a safe and competent manner

4.3 Carry out pre-shift checks to ensure the equipment is in a safe condition

4.4 Carry out battery maintenance and charging procedures

4.5 Load and unload vehicles