Spot Welding Syllabus 

Please note this syllabus can be used for either experienced engineers or novices.

 Timings:  (approx 6 hours) 

Ratio :  Up to 6 Trainees :       1 Instructor  –  In Classroom & Practical environment

1. Aim

To make operators/fitters aware of how Spot/Resistance Welding equipment works and what precautions need to be taken.

2. Elements

Trainees will receive training on the following elements.

2.1       Responsibilities under the relevant legislation, i.e. H&S Law, PUWER Regs 1998, any ACOPs

2.2       Inspection and selection of welding equipment

2.3       Safety regulations applicable to the use of Spot/Resistance Welding equipment

2.4      The correct selection and use of PPE

3. Knowledge

On completion of the course, trainees will have an understanding of :

3.1       Safety requirements for the use of all Spot/Resistance Welding equipment

3.2       Their responsibilities under the relevant safety legislation.

3.3       Inspection requirements for any Spot/Resistance Welding.

4. Skills

On completion of the course, trainees will be able to :

4.1       Understand the safety features of using all Spot/Resistance Welding equipment

4.2       Inspection of Spot/Resistance Welding equipment, before and after use.

4.4      Set up equipment for work.

4.5       Carry out Spot/Resistance Welding using correct procedures.