Course Duration: 1 day for up to 6 operators (approx 3 to 4 hours)

1. Aim
Course Objectives:
1.1 To teach students with fundamentals of commonly-used machines and tools. The students will have the knowledge and hands-on experience that will enable them to  work in a typical machine shop.
1.2 To equip students with basic machining and fabrication skills at the industrial standard.

2. Elements
Trainees will receive Brake Press training on the following elements.
2.1 Operators responsibilities under the relevant legislation, i.e. H&S Law, PUWER Regs 1998, ACOPs, Management of Health & Safety 1999.
2.2 Inspection and selection of equipment and the sections of the relevant sections of  legislation.
2.3 Do’s and don’ts.
2.4 Safety regulations applicable to the use of the Brake press, i.e. cut off switches, safety guards, noise etc.
2.5 Correct use of selection and use of tools and PPE

3. Knowledge
On completion of the Brake Press course, trainees will have an understanding of :
3.1 Safety requirements for the assembly and use of the Steel Band Saw
3.2 Their responsibilities under the relevant safety legislation.
3.3 Inspection requirements.

4. Skills
4.1 Students will be walked through each machine in detail. They will be taught about functionalities and systems on machines. Practical demonstrations will be presented for different scenarios.
4.2 Students will accomplish variety of tasks by using machines and tools, under supervision
4.3 Use of measuring instruments, work planning, layout and bench work techniques will be demonstrated.