Road Sweeper / Suction Unit


2 or 3 Novice Operators      –           2 days

1 Novice Operator                –           1 day

3 Experienced / Refresher –           1 day

Ratio:             3 Operators:              1 Instructor    :           1 Machine

1. Aim

 To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate a road sweeper/suction unit.

2. Elements

The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following: –

2.1       Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) and  PUWER 98.

2.2       Safe operator practice

2.3       Daily and weekly maintenance schedules

2.4       Identification of components and pre-start checks

2.5       Start-up procedures

2.6       Factors affecting stability

2.7       Motive and hydraulic controls

2.8       Manoeuvring

2.9       Parking and post-stop checks

3. Knowledge

 On successful completion of training, candidates will have a theoretical understanding on the importance of the following: –

3.1       The need to train and statuary requirements

3.2       Understanding machine stability and limitations

3.3       Causes of accidents; risks associated with mobile plant

3.4       Safe operator practices

3.5       Pre-start checks, start-up procedures and safety checks

3.6       Daily and weekly maintenance requirements

3.7       Safe parkin, re-fuelling and post-stop checks

4. Skill

 On successful completion of training the candidate will have demonstrated to a basic operational standard all of the following: –

4.1       Pre-shift safety checks and start-up procedures

4.2       The ability to manoeuvre and operate the vehicle correctly within the manufacturer’s recommendations and to the operator’s safety code

4.3       Correctly park, shut-down and secure the vehicle

4.4       Carry out a post-stop inspection