Manual Handling

Course Syllabus

Duration:               1 Day

Ratios:                  10 Candidates:  1 Tutor

The course can be carried out with one group of 10 – or split into two sessions with 5 Candidates on each session.

1. AIM

To train personnel in the correct procedures to be used when manual handling objects, and to teach and emphasise the importance of kinetic handling. To emphasise the hazards that are appropriate to manual handling. To make personnel aware of their responsibilities and their employers responsibilities under Health & Safety Legislation.

2. Delivery

The course will usually be conducted in a classroom and workplace environment. Training Aids can consist of overhead projector, computer and handouts. This type of  delivery is recommended where the tutor and candidate are both involved, thus gaining an interactive course. A theory test is to be taken on general Manual Handling.

3. Knowledge

On completion of the training, candidates will have an understanding of:

a. The regulations with regard to the Health & Safety Law and ACOP L23, on Manual Handling.

b. The need for accident prevention and control, when handling

c.  Danger areas within their workplace if handling is not carried out correctly.

d.  The importance of using correct Personal Protective Equipment.

e.  The principles of manual handling.

4. Elements

The course will consist of the following elements:

a.     Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at work Act.

b. The requirements and sensible attitude to personal Protective Equipment

c. ACOP L23, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

d. Safety measures when Manual Handling, including practical handling.

e.Theory test.