Evacuation Training Course

Duration     –  1 day

Up to 8 Trainees:  1 Tutor

The course can be carried out with one group of 4 – or split into two sessions     with 4 trainees on each session.

Course Objective :

On successful completion of this, trainees should be able to safely evacuate from an elevated machine by deploying and utilising a specific Emergency Evacuation Equipment. They shall have practised the descending Techniques using the Emergency Evacuation Equipment at various heights.  They shall have been continually assessed throughout the course and completed an oral and practical assessment. They shall understand that the equipment is provided for last resort escape.   Successful candidates shall be certificated.

Trainee Specification:

It enables them to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence should they need to evacuate an elevated machine.  It provides these advantages before a situation occurs that causes them to use the Emergency Evacuation Equipment as a last resort .

Safety  :

When undertaking training descents all trainees shall have a safety rope attached to them controlled by the Instructor through an approved belay device enabling him/her to arrest the trainee’s descent should it become necessary.  Safety shall assume the highest priority at all times.

Course Content  :

1. Introduction to the Emergency Evacuation Equipment

Explanation of its function, identification and description of its various components.

2. Equipment Inspection: –

Visual checks prior to operating the machine and prior to its use.

3. Evacuation Procedures

Demonstration and explanation with closely supervised practice in all areas associated with correct safe evacuation procedures and techniques.

 N.B.  Normally there is only one approved attachment point for evacuation systems on a machine. This should be tested appropriately before use.