Course Syllabus

Ratio             :         1 Machine     :         3 Trainees     :         1 Instructor

Duration        :         1 Day

1. Aim

To train experienced operators in the safe handling of the machine.

2. Elements

Operators will receive refresher training on the following elements.

2.1      Their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

2.2      Safety rules and regulations.

2.3      Pre-shift checks

2.4      Remedial tuition.

3. Knowledge

 On completion of training, operators will have an understanding of:-

3.1      Their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

3.2      Safety rules and regulations.

3.3      The importance of pre-shift checks.

4  Skills

 4.1      Pre-shift checks.

4.2      Start & stop the power unit.

4.3      Travel forwards and in reverse using all gear ratios and all ranges where applicable.

4.4      Operate all controls safely and sympathetically.

4.5      Prepare/set-up the machine to carry out normal work.

4.6      Carry out normal work tasks safely and efficiently.