Ratio:              1 Machine: 3 Trainees: 1 Instructor

Duration:       Refresher Course – 1 day

3 Experienced Operators – 3 days

2 Experienced Operators – 2 days

3 Novice Operators – 5 days

2 Novice Operators – 4 days

1 Novice Operator – 3 days

Definition:      Experienced = Operators with approx 6 months experience but no certificate

All trainees will need to have the appropriate driving license.

Course Aim:

To teach potential operators relevant theoretical knowledge and practical skills to safely operate a yard shunter to a recognised standard in the workplace.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course the successful candidates will:-

  • Have retained the required knowledge to be able to pass the associated knowledge test to the minimum required standard (80%)
  • Be able to efficiently inspect the yard shunter and trailer and pass the pre-use check examination
  • Have demonstrated relevant skills to be able to pass the basic skills test

Course Elements:

The course will comprise theoretical and practical instruction covering the following:-

  • The reasons and the need to train
  • Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98, Safety Signs & Signals Regulation 1996, Workplace Transport Safety (HSG136), PPE Regulations 1992
  • Operators Safety Code
  • Safety in re-fueling
  • Pre-use checks – shunter & trailer
  • Defect reporting procedure
  • Principles of safe braking & safe driving
  • Principles of stability with and without the trailer
  • Familiarisation and use of motive controls
  • Hydraulic controls (w/a)
  • Explanation of air and electrical coupling connections
  • Load types and safe loading
  • Manoeuvring in open and confined areas forwards and reverse
  • Working with banks person/signaler
  • Safe and correct coupling and uncoupling procedures
  • Parking in designated areas
  • Shut down procedure


On completion of training the candidates will have gained a theoretical understanding of the following:-

  • The reasons and the need to train
  • Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98, Safety Signs & Signals Regulation 1996, HSG 136 and PPE Regulations 1992
  • Working knowledge of manufacturers handbook
  • Locate and identify the major components parts of the yard shunter and explain its/their function
  • Pre-operational inspection checks
  • PPE required for the task
  • Answer questions relevant to safety checks
  • Yard shunter and pedestrians
  • Knowledge of the tractor unit
  • Air and electricals coupling connections
  • Knowledge of trailers to be shunted
  • Vehicle loading and unloading safely
  • Load types
  • Load stability (shunter and trailer)
  • Safety in re-fueling
  • Environmental impact
  • Start up and shut down


On successful completion of training the candidate will be able to:-

  • Carry out pre-use checks to ensure the equipment is in a safe condition
  • Drive and operate the yard shunter unladen both safely and efficiently
  • Couple up an empty and laden trailer, assess the site safely and reverse the trailer into position with and without a banks person/signaler and uncouple the trailer
  • Position the trailer as requested (w/a) to be loaded by the forklift etc.
  • Re-fuel the vehicle as requested
  • Park up and shut down the vehicle safely