Vehicle Marshall (Banksperson)

Course Syllabus

 Duration:                  1 day

Ratio:                         6 Trainees : 1 Instructor

1. Aim: To provide an understanding of Regulations and current guidance related to the responsible persons for vehicle manoeuvring and reversing operations, including HASAWA, MHASAW, PUWER, The Workplace (HS&W) Regulations Safety Signs Regulations, HSG 136 and INDG148

2. Elements: The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following:

2.1       Accidents – causes and prevention

2.2       Acts and Regulations

2.3       Understand the limitations of differing vehicles available

2.4       Understand correct procedures in manoeuvring vehicles

2.5       Banksperson responsibilities

2.6       PPE

2.7       Safe systems of work

2.8       Recognised signals

2.9       Risk assessing the manoeuvre

2.10    Planning the manoeuvre

2.11    Practical applications of the course content

 3. Knowledge: On completion of training, candidates will have a theoretical understanding of the following:

3.1       Responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 98

3.2       Banksperson safety code

3.3       Banksperson procedures

3.4       Risk assessing vehicle movements

3.5       Planning the manoeuvre

3.6       Signal systems

3.7       Banksperson PPE

4. Skill On completion of training the candidate will be able to undertake:

4.1       Vehicle movement risk assessment

4.2       Setting of manoeuvring area

4.3       Undertake signalling

4.4       Position vehicles

4.5       Control of banksperson operations