Lifting Equipment, Lifting Tackle and General Inspection Rules and Regulations for Internal Inspection to include other items such as Ladders, Tower Scaffold and Harnesses.

NOTE:  This is an awareness course targeted towards people deemed as the competent person for companies, therefore mainly classroom based.

Ratio:              6 Trainees     :           1 Instructor

  1. Aim

To Train people in the general inspection of lifting equipment and work equipment and the safe use thereof, to include SWR, Webbing Slings, Harness, Ladders, Tower Scaffold.

  1. Elements

Trainees will undergo training on the following elements:

2.1 Legislation, i.e. Health & Safety Law, LOLER Regs 1998, PUWER Regs 1998

2.2 Inspection and selection of lifting equipment and the relevant sections of legislation as

regards fault finding and testing for all items listed in paragraph 1 above.

2.3 Other equipment e.g. eyebolts, shackles, etc – testing for company.

2.4 Safety regulations applicable to the use of above equipment, this then gives a working

knowledge for testing purposes.


  1. Knowledge

On completion of the Competent Person Course, trainees will have an understanding of:

3.1 Safety requirements for the use of lifting equipment and others as mentioned in

paragraph 1 above.

3.2 Their responsibilities as the Competent Person for the company under the relevant

safety legislation.

3.3 Their individual responsibilities as regards to fault find and testing i.e. pre use checks


  1. Skills

On completion of the Competent Persons Course, trainees will be able to:

4.1 Identify faults and test for safety for company.

4.2 Inspect and select the correct lifting equipment

4.3 Able to identify faults on other pieces of equipment

4.4 Fill in the necessary paperwork

4.5 Report back to management on items found faulty.

  1. Certification

On successful completion of the Competent Persons Course then each person shall receive certification to state that they have received training in accordance with LOLER and PUWER Regulations and are able to carry out the Competent Persons duties for their Company.