Spreader Syllabus

Duration          :           1 Day              [9 periods]

Ratio               :           3 Delegates:                1 Instructor     :           1 Machine


To Certify very experienced operators on the handling and usage of Spreaders


 2.1       Knowledge

On completion of the training, operators will have knowledge of:-

2.1.1    Their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act

2.1.2    Safety regulations and operating rules, this to include the importance of their own safety and others when operating and maintaining the spreader.

  • Stress importance of speed and also working in enclosed areas.
  • Stress importance of operating on public highways and dangers.

2.1.3    The importance of operator pre-shift checks on vehicle in accordance both with legislation and Company in-House policy.

2.2.      Skills

On completion of the training, operators will be capable of undertaking the           following:-

2.2.1    Pre-shift checks including 2.1.3 above

2.2.2    Start and stop the motive unit

2.2.3    Travel forward and reverse using all gear ratios and ranges (as applicable)

2.2.4    Prepare the area and set up the machine to carry out normal work

2.2.5    Carry out normal machine operation to the acceptable standard.

Training Objectives

Experience Operator Training & Test

Day 1

Period 1                       Introduction to the Course

  • Delegates should be introduced to the course, administration completed and the aims and objectives explained.

Period 2/3                   Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

  • Delegates should be brought up to date with all new and existing HSWA and other legislation relevant to the equipment they will operate.
  • Operating Safety Rules
  • Delegates should be brought up to date with the safety rules applicable to spreaders.  Including safety when working near pedestrians and on the public highways.
  • Mobility
  • Delegates should be informed of the considerations for mobility when travelling over uneven ground or rough terrain.
  • Stability
  • Delegates should be informed of the problems involved with exceeding the capacities and limitations of the spreader.

Period 4   Pre shift checks

Delegates will be required to carry out pre-shift checks.  Delegates should be instructed in the operator maintenance tasks as required by their employer, then be prepared to:-

  1. Describe the safety precautions and procedures required when servicing or undertaking scheduled maintenance.

2. Use the appropriate equipment and tools

3. Explain the safety precautions to be taken when operating machine for pre shift purposes.

Period 5/7                 Delegates should correctly

1. Explain the means of starting/stopping the motive unit, to include any safety precautions prior to moving the equipment.

2. Explain the use and purpose of the driving controls and gauges on the equipment.

3. Explain the use and purpose of the operating controls both within the vehicle and on the spreader.

4. Move and manoeuvre the equipment on level ground in forward and reverse, and in confined areas.

5.  Safely and efficiently position the spreader and spread in area designated by Instructor.

6. Park the equipment and leave the machine in a safe condition.

Period 8                       Practical Test

Delegates will undertake the Practical Operating Skills test as defined in the Test Standards Section of this document.   Fail mark = 41 penalty points or more.

Period 9                       Theory Test

Delegates will complete a Theory Test Paper of the type or similar to that defined in the Test Standards of this document.  Fail mark = less than 80% of the total maximum score.
















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