Direct Entry

A direct entry course on to the ITSSAR Instructor register is designed for instructors who are accredited by other recognised bodies i.e. RTITB, who require to become ITSSAR Instructors Cat 1. This is a 5 day course.


1. A copy of your current Instructor Certificate must be sent to QTS prior to attending the course which must be in date.

2. A copy of the operator’s certificate of training achievement must be sent to QTS prior to attending the Instructor Course.  The certificate must have been issued by an Accredited Training Company and confirm that they have attended a refresher course within the last 6 months.

3. You will be asked to provide your Certificates to Operate Machines for machine types for which training is intended to be delivered on.  Especially those machine types which you would like to be added to your Instructor Card.  ITSSAR ask that such certification has been issued within the recommended 3 – 5 years or less

4. One passport size photograph

There is still all 9 elements to pass, which are listed under the Novice Instructors Course, and all other criteria apply, i.e. a refresher course prior to attending the course.