Course Duration:   1 Day for experienced operators/refresher training

Ratio                     :   Up to 6 trainees

 Aim:  To train delegates who are involved with Power Presses to understand their Responsibilities for inspection and operation of the Power Press Safety System and the Requirements of the Work Equipment Regulations

Objectives – By the end of the course trainees will:

  1. Appreciate their legal responsibilities when setting and re-setting Power Presses
  2. Appreciate their organisation’s legal responsibilities
  3. Apply Procedures in accordance with good working practices
  4. Reduce incidents involved with the use of Power Presses


  1. Welcome and Introduction to the course
  2. Aims and Objectives
  3. Legal Requirement
  4. Work Equipment Regulations (Power Presses)
  5. Individual Responsibilities
  6. Noise at Work
  7. Health and Safety at Work Act
  8. Types of Presses
  9. Guarding of Presses
  10. Fixed Guards
  11. Interlocked Guards
  12. Automatic Guards
  13. Light/Infra-Red Guards
  14. Inspection and Testing
  15. Specification for different Guarding of Power Presses
  16. Frequency and Nature of Inspection
  17. Accidents
  18. Causation Prevention
  19. Loading and Unloading of Tooling
  20. Defect Reporting
  21. Programme Review and Evaluation