QTS UK Testimonials


July 2022

Company in Leeds – Easy to understand and pleasant Instructor.

The course was very well explained and any questions I had were explained well.

The course was easy to understand and well organised.

Informative course, learned what was required.

Company in Blackpool – Really enjoyed the training, excellent Instructor.

Company in Leeds – The Instructor has more than helped me throughtout the course, everything I’ve learnt will be taken away and implamented.

Company in Rossendale – I’ve learned a lot of new information, Instructor very friendly.

Company in Wakefield – The Instructor delivered the course efficiently and made it easy to understand

Company in Bradford – Very good course, easy to understand.

August 2022

Company in Wakefield – The Instructor was very helpful and thorough with his explanations, very easy to understand.

Company in Heckmondwike – Everything good, no complaints.

Company in Ripon – The Instructor was absolutely great, explained everything clearly.

Company in Rotherham – The Instructor delivered the course professionally, ensured it wasn’t boring and relayed the information in an excellent manner.

Company in Leeds – Great Instructor, easy going and great to get along with.

Great Instructor, good course, learnt alot.

Great Instructor, easy to understand with good banter.

September 2022

Company in Leeds – Very friendly and helpful Instructor, the course was just the right length, very helpful.

Company in Wednesbury – Everything was spot on.

Company in Brighouse – Course was easy to understand, the Instructor was great throughout the course.

Company in Liverpool – This was a very good course, the Instructor was very knowledgeable and also very helpful.

Company in Worksop – Very informative, the Instructor put me as ease, pleasure to train with.

Company in Oldham – Very helpful in making sure that the same mistakes weren’t repeated, I was made to feel calm. Information given was plentiful and very helpful.

October 2022

Company in Sheffield – Good course, learned alot even though it was a refresher.

Company in Rotherham – The Instructor was very helpful, I understood everything that was explained in great detail, would highly recommend.

Company in Barnsley – Great Instructor with good communication skills, excellent practical demonstration and easy to understand.

November 2022

Company in Sheffield – I enjoyed the course, refreshes your memory and keeps you up to date.

Company in Halifax – Very informative and well explained.

Very good and helpful.

Company in Brighouse – I can highly recommend QTS, if every lesson was as good I would happlily attend them.

I’ve learnt a lot from the course and enjoyed it, well presented.

Company in Telford – Great course carried out to a good standard.

Company in Sheffield – Very professional course, easily explained, polite and friendly Instructor.

December 2022

Company in Scunthorpe – Very satisfied with the course, trainer made it east to understand.

Company in Leeds – Brilliant Instructor, kept us at a safe speed, very professional and informative, absolute pleasure.

Found the course very helpful.

Training on our site in Morley, Leeds

July 2022

Tne Instructor made everything east to understand and was always willing to explain anything that I didn’t understand.

The Instructor was very helpful and informative, thank you.

The Instructor was great, really helpful and professional, I would recommend QTS to anyone.

August 2022

I have enjoyed the course, the Instructor was very helpful, professional and easy to understand.

Very good training, easy to understand.

September 2022

I really enjoyed the course and would recommend QTS to my company for further training.

A good small group, it made it easier to take the information in and get involved.

Very thorough course, the Instructor was down to earth and very professional, enjoyed the course.

October 2022

Excellent Instructor, very understandable.

Well explained course, good Instructor, easy to talk to.

November 2022

Knowledgable Instructor, very informative and friendly.

Great Instructor, spoke very clearly and slowly, easier for me to understand.

December 2022

The course was very good, explained well.

In House Instructor Courses – 2022

BK- The course is very well organised, good material for learning.

SW- A very interesting and well organised course, the Tutor is brilliant as what he does, a credit to QTS.

BA- The tutor was focused, clear and supportive throughout the course, very well delivered with good material for learning.

TK- Very interesting course, well planned and given everything that was required, the Tutor was very professional and motivating.

AG- Very organised course, instructions given were clear and understandable, the Tutor was very supportive throughout.

PB – The information was a lot to take in but not too much, material was helpful, Tutor was friendly and informative.

KG- Excellent course Tutor, very clear and concise in all aspects, good material and plenty of information.

MH- The Tutor is firm, fair and friendly and made the difficult course undertandable.

ITSSAR Instructor Courses – 2022

TG – The course was well put together with good material. The Tutor was very helpful, knowledgeable and put me at ease.

MF- The Tutor was helpful and very approachable, a very well run course.

NB- The course material is good and of a high standard, the Tutor made me feel at ease immediately. Loved it and looking forward to doing more training.

MM – Professional and informative material, east to follow, the Tutor was very friendly and knowledgeable