QTS UK Testimonials


January 2018

Company in Grimsby- Very good course, Informative, helpful and professional Instructor.

Company in Rotherham – Brilliant Instructor, would recommend to anyone, made everything easy to understand and was very patient.

Company in Warrington – Excellent Instructor.

Company in Castleford – Very friendly and helpful, would recommend to anyone.

Company in Huddersfield – Great attitude and willing to help when required.

The Instructor was great, very easy to get along with and made the course very easy to follow which made it better to understand.

Company in Hull- Concise delivery of the required course, a very good Instructor.

Company in Wakefield – The instructor was professional and very polite. Really enjoyed the course. I would definitely recommend to others.

Company in Hull – Excellent Instructor, very educational.

The trainer was very good at his job and very helpful.

Company in Coalville – The instructor gave me lots of information, polite and well spoken. Very good commands instructing.

The course was excellent, easy to understand and digest. Really enjoyable.

Company in Sheffield – Good interesting course.

Company in Ripon – The instructor was very professional, polite and helpful. A very enjoyable course.

The instructor answered any questions I needed to know, very helpful, polite, professional. A very good course overall.

Training on our site in Morley, Leeds

Great trainer, good experience, really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Trainer was a nice chap, everything was easy to follow, good experience all round.

Very good day, professional trainer with a very good eye for detail.

Very good trainers, very professional and well knowledge.

Overall excellent training programme and training given.

The course was an excellent experience overall, the instructor was fantastic throughout.

February 2018

Company in Alfreton – A very helpful and clear instructor, made the course interesting and enjoyable, a friendly professional attitude to all aspects of the training programme. A pleasant experience.

Company in Harrogate – Very professional, friendly and a pleasure to do the course with.

Company in Warrington – The instructor was really helpful.

Company in Bedford – Very friendly, made the questions and answers very understandable and informative.

Company in Lincoln – Instructor friendly and supportive.

Company in Hull – The Instructor was professional and very informative.

Company in Ripon – The instructor was great, he broke the course into small segments with plenty of feedback and encouragement.

Training on our site in Morley, Leeds

I enjoyed the course very much and found the knowledge I’ve learned extremely valuable. The instructor has been great, cannot thank him enough.

The instructor was extremely helpful throughout the day, he made things easy to understand and gave me the confidence to pass the course.

Brilliant course, I feel capable to drive a truck and have the confidence that I can do it correctly. Thank you.

March 2018

Company in Huddersfield – Course was very helpful.

Company in Hull – Very good training technique.

Very Good Trainer, learnt  a lot.

Company in Leeds – Very well organised, instructor was very helpful. Thank you.

Company in Newark – Very professional and information explained well. Very good.

Company in Sherburn in Elmet – Very helpful trainer and down to earth.

Company in Leeds – Great instructor, very knowledgeable.

Company in Rowley Regis – Instructor  was very easy to understand, enjoyable course.

Company in Birmingham – As always instructive and enjoyable, a pleasure to do the course with.

Training on our site in Morley, Leeds

I was put at ease and made to feel as comfortable as possible. Tutoring was excellent.

Once again QTS has provided me with a fantastic course. The instructor made me feel comfortable throughout and was knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Very easy to understand, they set up a good course which was easy to understand.

April 2018

Company in Brownhills – Very professional in approach, understanding, helpful and incentive with the course work.

Company in Leeds – Instructor was good and excellent to work with.

Company in Leeds – Very good Instructor, made things clear and helped me to understand the key principle.

Company in Keighley – I found the training very helpful.

Very Informative.

Good course, with lots of information.

Company in Salford – The instructor was very professional in his explaining and training, making me feel very confident about the test and driving the truck.

Company in Morecambe – Good course, informative and enjoyable.

Company in Alfreton – Very well conducted, very happy with the instructor.

Company in Ossett – Very helpful advice and pointers given throughout both the practical and theory.

Company in Derby – Good course, very helpful.

Instructor made me comfortable and was full as well.

Very Friendly instructor who explained everything well.

Company in Leeds – Course was very good, gained good knowledge, very pleased.

Company in Pontefract – Very patient and helpful instructor.

Company in Motherwell – Instructor was excellent and easy to understand whilst been thorough.

Company in Sheffield – Instructor was very helpful and also east to understand, went into detail with the course throughout the day.

Company in Knottingley – Quality trainer, good mix of both practical and theory, got everyone involved and made the course enjoyable.

Training on our site in Morley, Leeds

Very good and helpful in every way. Thank you.

May 2018

Company in Huddersfield – The course was interesting and was easy to understand, this will be useful for me in my working life.

Company in Derby – I was told everything I needed to know and also lots of additional information was added to expand the explanation.

Company in Blackpool – Easy to understand, the instructor was very helpful. Enjoyed the course.

Company in Nelson – The Instructor was very helpful and full of knowledge, well informed instruction of equipment.

Company in Glasshoughton – The training was really good, enjoyed the experience. The Instructor was friendly, helpful and kind.

Really enjoyed the course, found it very informative.

Company in Tamworth – The Instructor made the course enjoyable and light hearted, put me at ease.

Company in Ossett – Brilliant Instructor, made me feel at ease.

Company in Sheffield – Good Trainer and a good understanding of the equipment used.

Company in Tamworth – The Instructor was very friendly and informative, making every effort to give good clear answers to any questions asked, he made it a good learning environment. Would recommend to others and would happily use again.

Company in Leicester – The Instructor was very helpful, enjoyed the course.

Company in Sherburn in Elmet – Excellent Instructors and training.

Company in Brackley – As professional and thorough as always.

Company in Otley – Well presented, easy to understand.

Company in York – The Instructor was very friendly, a pleasure to work with.

Company in Castleford – Brilliant training, great instructor.

Training on our Site in Morley, Leeds –

The Instructor was very helpful in giving me the training i needed. Thank you.

June 2018

Company in Leigh – Excellent course and Instructor.

Company in Blackpool – A very good Instructor, enjoyed the course.

Company in Brownhills – Very helpful Instructor, I learnt a lot on the course.

Company in Fareham – All aspects of the course excellent.

Company in Castleford – Very professional Instructor, found out new information.

Company in Rotherham – Instructor spot on, really helpful.

Company in Morecambe – Very good Instructor and helpful.

Company in Newcastle –  Everything explained clearly and very helpful.

The Instructor well presented, polite and easy to understand. Explained every question in detail.

Training on our Site in Morley, Leeds –

I found the Instructor to be professional in every way and conducted himself well. He has a real knack of lifting your spirits when you are down, and makes you believe in yourself.

A most helpful and patient Instructor, puts you at ease, very professional.

Outstanding Instructor…Loved it !!

Once again rose to the occasion and inspired me to pass.

One of the most genuine instructors to be taught by.

I found this course really good & professional. The Instructor was clear, precise and patient. I would gladly recommend QTS to anyone wanting to carry out training with.

The training was carried out in a relaxed manner.

The Instructor was very clear explaining everything throughout the course. Made us all feel at ease.


In House Instructor Courses – 2018 

KM – The course was easy to understand, all information made sense, the tutor was a very nice chap, friendly, easy to get along with, his teaching method was fair on to the point.

CR – A great course well put together, giving me another string to my bow. I didn’t expect to still be able to learn new things at a certain age. Well done.

NF – The tutor was very helpful and supportive throughout the course, he made sure that he gave me the information I needed at all times. Couldn’t have asked for more.

MA – The tutor was brilliant and a pleasure to work with.

AF – The tutor was friendly, firm and approachable, he made everyone feel comfortable from the start. I feel I have benefited from the course with confidence and knowledge.

JE – The information was informative and broken down into segments that was easy to understand. The tutor was very helpful and gave good advice, he was very welcoming and easy to understand. Also gave constructive feedback and praise when needed.

AS – Enjoyed the course, the tutor was firm but always fair and gave encouragement and feedback throughout. Thank you all at QTS for your help.

JW – The tutor was very good, put me at ease. Firm but fair and friendly. I learned a lot. I really enjoyed my time on the course.

ITSSAR Instructor Courses – 2018

AP – The course was easy to follow and simple to understand. The tutor had fantastic qualities and was very patient. I look forward to completing more course’s with QTS and would recommend them to anyone.

AW – The course was well organised and the content was just enough to take in. Both tutors kept us interested at all times.

GM – The course work had excellent material with in depth information. Enjoyed the course very much, thanks to both tutors, look forward to next time.

SS – The course content was good and appropriate. Great course, great tutors and would recommend to my other colleagues.

SM – The course work was very good and some times challenging. I was very nervous on the first day but the tutors very quickly helped me feel more confident. Enjoyed the course very much.

RS – The course was very good and easy to follow, found the work very challenging. The tutors have been extremely helpful and accommodating. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.

SS – The material covered all aspects needed, both tutors delivered the course at a pace suitable for my needs, they were clear and enthusiastic about all aspects of the course. This course will be one I will never forget.

SM – The course was very informative and easy to use. All the staff at QTS do a fantastic job.