Course Syllabus – Tipper Truck

Ratio:            1 Machine: 3 Trainees: 1 Instructor


Refresher Course – 1 day

3 Experienced Operators – 3 days

2 Experienced Operators – 2 days

3 Novice Operators – 5 days

2 Novice Operators – 4 days

1 Novice Operator – 3 days

Definition:      Experienced = Operators with approx 6 months experience but no certificate

1.  AIM

To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate a Tipper Truck.


The course will comprise theoretical and practical instruction cover the following: 

2.1.     Responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

2.2.     Operators Safety Code

2.3.     Re-fuelling procedures

2.4.     Pre-Use Checks

2.5.     Stop and Start the motive Unit

2.6.     Travel forward and reverse using all gear ratios as applicable to site conditions.        


On completion of the training candidates will have a theoretical understanding of:

3.1      Safety Regulations and Operating Rules.

3.2.     Factors affecting equipment mobility.

3.3.     Factors affecting equipment stability.

3.4.     The importance of operator pre-shift checks


On completion of the training, operators will be capable of undertaking the        following to the required standard:-

4.1.     Pre-shift checks.

4.2.     Start and stop the motive unit.

4.3.     Travel forward and reverse using all gear ratios and ranges where applicable.

4.4.     Prepare the area and set up the machine to carry out normal work

4.5.     Carry out normal machine operation to the acceptable standard.