Please note this syllabus is for experienced operators, novice operators are slightly different, i.e. it is a course for 4 people for three days.

Please also note that this course is for use of chainsaw only.  If required to be used by operators of MEWPs, then this course would be extended by a further day, (providing holders of MEWPs certs) and novices also by one day.

Ratio: 2 days 1 Machine :  4 Trainees  : 1 Instructor

1. Aim

To train experienced operators in the safe use of chainsaw.

2. Elements
Trainees will receive Chain Saw training on the following elements.
2.1 Operators responsibilities under the relevant legislation, i.e. H&S Law, PUWER Regs 1998, Management of Health & Safety 1999.
2.2 Inspection and selection of equipment and the sections of the relevant sections of legislation.
2.3 Do’s and don’ts.
2.4 Safety regulations applicable to the use of chainsaws and their use.

3. Knowledge
On completion of the Chain Saw course, trainees will have an understanding of :
3.1 Safety requirements for the use of chainsaws
3.2 Their responsibilities under the relevant safety legislation.
3.3 Advantages and disadvantages of various types of chainsaws
3.4 inspection requirements.

4. Skills
On completion of the Chain Saw course, trainees will be able to :
4.1 Carry out pre use checks.
4.2 Start the chainsaw correctly
4.3.Accurately use chainsaw for work as defined by the course programme.

  • Be aware of any safety precautions that are applicable to the machine and its usage.