Ratio                1 Machine   : Up to 8 Trainees   :   1 Instructor

Duration:         1 or 2 days  : Depending Upon Experience of Operators

1. Aim

To make operators/fitters aware of how Rolling machine equipment works and what precautions need to be taken.

2.  Elements

Trainees will receive training on the following elements.

2.1      Responsibilities under the relevant legislation, i.e. H&S Law,  PUWER Regs 1998, any ACOPs

2.2      Inspection and selection of Rolling Machine

2.3      Safety regulations applicable to the use of Rolling machine, i.e. interlocks etc

2.4      The correct selection and use of PPE

3. Knowledge

On completion of the course, trainees will have an understanding of :

3.1      Safety requirements for the use of all Sheet metal rolling machines

3.2      Their responsibilities under the relevant safety legislation, i.e. PUWER

3.3      Inspection requirements for rolling machines, i.e. pre use etc.

4. Skills

On completion of the course, trainees will be able to :

4.1      Understand the safety features of using all sheet metal rolling machines

4.2      Inspection of rolling machines, before and after use.

4.4      Set up equipment for work, including safety features

4.5      Using the Rolling machine using the correct procedures..