Tower Scaffold and Ladder Safety

Course Duration:        1 day

Ratio:                               1 Instructor: 9 trainees

Aim: To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely erect tower scaffolds and the safety when using ladders.

Elements:  The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following:-

  1. Responsibilities under the health and Safety Law
  2. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  3. The Provisional Use Of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
  4. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
  5. The Work At Height Regulations 2005
  6. Basic Ladder Safety
  7. Records and Inspections
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Correct erection of Tower scaffolds

Knowledge: On completion of training trainees will have a theoretical understanding of the following:-

  1. Responsibilities under the Health and safety Law and relevant statutory legislation
  2. Common causes of Falls at Height
  3. Organisation and Planning of Work at Height
  4. Selection of Work Equipment for Work at Height
  5. Inspection of Work Equipment
  6. Requirements for guard-rails, toe-boards, barriers and similar collective means of protection
  7. Requirements for working platforms
  8. Stability of working platforms
  9. Safety on working platforms
  10. Basic Ladder Safety
  11. Causes of falls from ladders
  12. Precautions when using and selecting ladders
  13. Basic Ladder Construction
  14. Overlap on Extendable Ladders
  15. Records and Inspections and Maintenance of ladders
  16. Safety when using ladders
  17. Ladder Angles
  18. Securing Ladders
  19. Aluminium Towers – Safety Checks
  20. Erecting the Tower
  21. Tower Scaffold Inspections
  22. Personal Protective Equipment

Skill:  On completion of training the trainees will be able to:-

  1. Check and inspect Tower scaffold
  2. Erect a Tower Scaffold
  3. Dismantle a Tower Scaffold
  4. Check and inspect ladders
  5. Safely use ladders

Ideally a minimum of 3 candidates are required to safely erect a tower scaffold.