In House Instructor Re-Registration Course

Information : This is a 3 day course.  1 or 2 In House Instructors can attend a 3 day re-registration  course if they have delivered training on a regular basis.  If training courses have not been delivered by the In House Instructor on a regular basis – a 5 day course may need to be considered.

Requirements :

1. A classroom for the duration of the 3 day course

2.  Access to the truck in full working order and an area in which to operate the truck

3.  A copy of the LOLER certificate for the truck

4.  A copy of the In House Instructor’s certificate which must not have an expiry date of more than 6 months.   

5. Candidates attending the course must also have the desire to teach.                      

Assessment :

Each trainee will be assessed on the following elements throughout the course:

  1. Health and Safety at Work.
  2. Recommendations of Training
  3. Instructional Techniques
  4. Operators Ability
  5. Classroom Lesson
  6. Practical Demonstration
  7. Practical Lesson
  8. Basic Skills Test
  9. Report Writing

Elements 1–3 are a 55 Multi-Choice question paper and 5 open questions. A 100% pass mark is required on all theory tests.

Element 4 requires the trainee to pass an operators test with no more than 25 points.

Element 5 requires the trainee to demonstrate their ability to conduct a classroom lesson on a theoretical subject related to the truck / equipment , i.e. Rated Capacity, Stability, Health & Safety at Work Act etc.  This is to assess their basic instructional techniques

Element 6 requires the trainee to carry out a demonstration on a lesson of the tutor’s choice related to practical truck / equipment operation.  This is to assess them demonstrating a manoeuvre without any errors

Element 7 requires the trainee to carry out a practical lesson on a subject related to truck / equipment operations. This is to assess their ability on student participation, confirmation techniques, and basic instructional techniques

Element 8 requires the trainee to construct a test area and conduct and mark a basic skills test to ITSSAR standards and complete the relevant paperwork.

Element 9 requires the trainee to write a report related to truck / equipment operator training i.e. a report on a student who has failed a course.

Assessment on all the above elements will be carried out throughout the three day course. If any of the trainees are referred on any of the above elements, further assessments will be required until they pass that element. This can be done on the course given the availability of spare time within the programme or can be carried out at a later date.  Each successful candidate is issued with a certificate of training achievement to confirm they have been trained to ITSSAR Standards, and also an ID card and these last for 5 years when a re-registration course is required.

General We can provide training aid materials to assist the Instructor(s) in carrying out future training courses – i.e. Presentation and relevant paperwork.  If of interest, please ask for more information and costs.