Fire Marshall

 Fire safety/Fire Extinguisher Training Syllabus

Duration:                   1 day

(The actual duration of the course is determined by the actual number and experience of the operators – from between 4 to 6 hours approx)

Ratio:                          Up to 6 Candidates in 1 group

  1. AIM

To provide the knowledge and responsibilities of a Fire Marshall as regards to fire safety and the use of fire extinguishers.


The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following: –

  1. What is a Fire Risk Assessment?
  2. Who must do a Fire Risk Assessment?
  3. Where is a Fire Risk Assessment required?
  4. Why complete a Fire Risk Assessment?
  5. Enforcement
  6. Health effects of fire
  7. Fire Statistics
  8. Hazard and Risk
  9. Role of the Fire Marshall


1.  Identify hazards

a. Fire Triangle

b. Classification of Fires

c. Ignition – fuel and oxygen sources

2.  Identify people at risk

a. Spread of fire

b. Convection, conduction and radiation

3. Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk.

a. Fire precautions

b. Fire detection and warning

c. Fire evacuation

d. Human behaviour

e. Signage

f. Fire fighting

g. Fire protection

h. Management systems

4. Record, plan, instruct inform and train

a. Fire action plan

b. Emergency plan

c. Maintenance records

d. Instruction, information and training

e. Fire Marshall / Fire Warden

f. Fire drill

5. Review

Examples of Fire Risk Assessment

The role of the Fire Marshall

Fire Marshall action on discovering a fire

Help, Further Reading and Advice.