Stihl Saw Syllabus

Duration:                 1 day – to be included with Abrasive Wheels Regulations

(The actual duration of the course is determined by the actual number and experience of the operators – from between 4 to 6 hours approx)

Ratio:                      10 Students: 1 Instructor

1. AIM

 To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely operate Stihl Saws


 The course will comprise of theoretical and practical instruction covering the following: –

  1. Responsibilities under the Health and Safety Law
  2. P.U.W.E.R.
  3. L.O.L.E.R.
  4. Noise at work Regs 1989
  5. P.E. Regs 1992
  6. The importance of the regulations to users and supervisors
  7. Safety precautions
  8. Working Parts of the Stihl Saw
  9. Refueling process, dangers of storage of flammable materials
  10. Preparation of use of saw
  11. Cutting procedures
  12. Practical use of saw.