Ratio:            1 Machine: 3 Trainees: 1 Instructor

Duration:     1 day refresher for up to 3

2 days for up to 3 novice operators

1. Aim

To refresh previously certificated operators or train novice operators in the safe procedures of operating tractors & trailers in accordance with the standards as laid down.

2. Elements

Operators will receive training on the following elements:

2.1      Their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act,   1974

2.2      Safety rules and regulations

2.3      Pre-shift checks

2.4      Basic training

2.5      Theoretical tests

3. Knowledge

On completion of training, operators will have an understanding of:

3.1      Their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act,  1974

3.2      Safety rules and regulations

3.3      The importance of pre-shift checks

4. Skills

On completion of training, operators will be able to carry out the following to  the required standard:

4.1      Pre-shift checks

4.2      Start and stop the power unit

4.3      Travel forwards and in reverse (using the safe recommended methods of travelling)

4.4      Operating in confined spaces, with and without trailer

4.5      Operate all controls safely and sympathetically

4.6      Prepare/set up the machine to carry normal work

4.7      Reversing in confined areas, with and without trailer

Training Standards and Criteria

Evidence that the standards and objectives of the course have been met will be established by the trainee undergoing a practical test as follows:

1. Pre-shift checks

1.1      Objectives:    To carry out daily pre-shift checks

1.2      Procedure:    Operators will carry out all necessary checks in preparation for the practical skills test

1.3      Standard:      Pre-shift checks are to be carried out to the satisfaction of the instructor

2. Driving ability

2.1      Objectives:    Trainees will demonstrate the ability to drive the machine both laden & unladen.

2.2      Procedure:    The Instructor will observe the operator’s ability to control and steer the machine using the correct safe methods.

2.3      Standard:       Driving capability to be carried out to the satisfaction of the instructor.

The Instructor will record any faults on the marking sheet as they occur

3. Loading & unloading

3.1      Objectives:    The trainee will position the machine for safe operation including where applicable with trailer.

3.2      Procedure:    The Instructor will tell the trainee to drive the tractor in a straight line both forwards and reverse including trailer for  loading or unloading, and then in a confined area,

3.3      Standards:    The Instructor will observe the trainee carrying out the exercise  and check for the following:

 3.3.1   Positioning of machine when loading & unloading

 3.3.2   Correct use of controls

3.3.3   Observation

3.3.4   Driving ability

3.3.5   General safety/stability

The Instructor will record all faults on the marking sheet as they occur

 Upon completion of the test all faults recorded will be added together. Any operator whose total recorded faults do not exceed 30 points will have passed the test